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PCGP, Power Coin

1. protects against rising inflation.

2. high and secure returns.

3. growing bamboo for furnitures and many other thing‘s.

4. NO software only, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and ……

5. anyone who continues to rely on shares will experience the blue miracle, the worst economic crisis is imminent.

6. our concept is based on nature products, which are growing fast.

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Save the planet

Grow Bamboo, Grow!

One of the most interesting features of giant bamboo is its unsurpassed growing speed. During the growing season, the shoots will sprout from the ground and reach their final length of up to 30 m height within a couple of months, with a maximum recorded growing speed of up to 1 meter a day. In fact, it holds the Guinness World Record of fastest growing plant.
Although the common perception is that bamboo mainly grows in Asia, its growing area is actually evenly distributed around the globe. Giant species, which have the most potential for industrial processing and economic development, mainly derive from (sub)tropical areas, usually in developing countries or emerging economies.

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Fundamentally Different from Trees

In general, bamboo is hollow (although some solid species exist), with separate sections at irregular distances formed by transverse diaphragms in the cavity of the stem. These diaphragms are visible on the wall of the stem as ring-shaped protrusions and this is also where the branches with the leaves sprout from, usually from the higher nodes.

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We save the planet with growing bamboo!

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The Future Nature Coin.
PCGP is limited to ONE Billion Coins. with a guarantee of value and an enormous potential. The launch of our Coin was September 09. 23., it‘s initial price was 0,11 euro. It will be trade through our own exchange and or other‘s worldwide. More info in a private chat.

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Bamboo Plantages
From a botanical point of view, bamboo belongs to the grasses, the Graminea, and is therefore not a tree. Bamboo is a collective name for a group of botanical species. Although the complete taxonomy is still evolving, current estimations are that around 1500 different varieties exist. There are considerable differences in size, colour, node distribution and configuration, mechanical properties and climatic preferences.
Some giant species reach up to 30 m with cross sections of up to 30 cm per stem, whereas some sorts do not reach above 1 m in height and 1 cm in diameter. Depending on the climatic circumstances, there can also be a lot of variation in size and quality of the stems from the same species. Stems are larger in fertile, moist climates and smaller in dry sandy climates.

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